Saturday, April 12, 2014

Boys Trip to the Lake

Aunt Lizabee took my friends Jackson, Sam, my brother Joel, and me to Lake Nabugabo we saw an adorable little Puppy it was so cute!!! We wanted to rent a boat so we went to ask if there was one. They said it will take a minute so we went back into the Lake. It would cost us 5,000 shillings an hour, that's like $2 an hour! A couple minutes later we saw a lady coming bringing us paddles. She showed us the boat that we could go in it was a little small. We climbed in the boat then we were in the water. We went a little deeper an then we sank!!!! The boat was so light it sank. So we asked for a big boat. then they gave us a big boat this time and we did not sink. We went really deep after that we did flips off the boat. Soon our food came we all were starving so we ate and we ate until the plate had nothing on it and then we went home. 

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